Hooray! Lovely Little Thieves has arrived!
Download the demo here and play away! I know it still needs work, so please send feedback to the tumblr here so we can work away at making the game the best it can possibly be. :D
So, that’s the good news. The bad news is this just the first half of the free demo. So, 1 hour of gameplay instead of 2, and 15 choices instead of 40. 
What? Why?
Because ren’py hates me, that’s why. Specifically, it hates the way I decided to branch the journey up the hill to the mansion. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it won’t, so I’m re-arranging scenes and variables to make sure those scenes run without crashing no matter what choices you’ve made to get to them. (One of the downfalls of a choice-heavy game, I guess.)
It was hours more work, so I had two options: put a disclaimer *in the game* that said we were skipping about a third of the game to arrive at the mansion at the end, where the game stops having crash problems, or just have the demo end (temporarily) before the scenes with crash problems. I chose the latter so as not to take people out of the story/avoid any issues.
BUT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER THIS WAS GOING UP *TODAY* LIKE I SAID IT WOULD BE! @_@ I’m on track to fixing all the bugs in the second half by this Friday the 12th, so then I’ll edit the file with the second half, along with any bug fixes you might run into.
Thank you all once again for being so supportive and please enjoy this first little step into the story of Lovely Little Thieves. :)

i guess i’ll just keep drawing kurapikas until im good

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this is my first time doing a big background

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柴又 (by rooppe)

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